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Welcome to

This website is the base for my different online projects. Currently you'll find here information about the GNU/Linux Operating System, photos, "wisdom quotes" and audio files. Upcoming some more stuff will follow. I hope you enjoy and/or maybe find some useful information.

~ Christian Hoeller
Sleeping Angel
  • About - Some information about me.
  • Quotations collected from books that accompanied my ("earlier") life.
  • Symbols to copy & then paste on Twitter, Facebook,....
  • Blog - Some (micro-) blogging links.
  • Linux - Information, links, howtos about the GNU/Linux Operating System.
  • Photos - Galleries about people and landscapes.
  • EPT - is short for "Ethisch Paradoxes Totalexperiment". This is my musical project. Here you'll find some recordings of sessions and live concerts, some loops and galleries.
  • Contact - Choose this page for contact information.
  • PGP/Gnupg Key - Here you can get my public PGP/GnuPG Key.
Facebook pages:
  • - Notes, Photos, Quotations and News about and GNU/Linux

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